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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental HealthTTI’s Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) services help clients to develop an efficient and competitive approach to EHS management, designing programs to meet industry needs and minimize risk.

TTI’s staff has direct experience in managing EHS Compliance programs in an industrial, manufacturing, and government setting, specializing in Air Quality Compliance and Permitting services, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting, and Environmental Management Systems. Our goal is to assist clients in achieving long-term sustainability by ensuring EHS regulatory compliance, establishing safer work environments, minimizing environmental footprint, and increasing operational efficiencies.

Our collaborative approach allows clients to make proactive decisions regarding potential opportunities for improved EHS management efficiency, emission reductions, and minimizing financial liabilities and risks. TTI continually monitors state and federal environmental regulations to streamline our permitting, compliance, and safety training services. We provide strategic opportunity assessments to assist clients in better positioning themselves for tomorrow’s markets and to seize competitive advantages.

Services Include:

  • OSHA Workplace Program Development and Training
  • Storm and Waste Water Discharge Permitting
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA)
  • Hazardous Risk Management & Contingency Planning including RCRA, RMP, HAZWOPER, PSM, DOT Security and SPCC Plans
  • Preparation and Submittal of Annual Combustion Adjustment Reports (NJDEP)
  • Air Quality Compliance
    • Permitting
    • Risk Management Program (RMP)
    • Air Modeling
    • Monitoring, Recordkeeping & Reporting
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting
    • Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting (MGGR) Rule
    • Environmental Management Systems
    • Development of Facility /Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Matrix



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