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New Jersey Lead Sampling in Schools Update

  TTI attended the NJDOE/NJDEP partnered training session on Lead Sampling in School Facilities this week. The deadline to have your schools tested for lead in water is quickly approaching (July 2017) and the new regulation requires a plan to be developed prior to any sample collection. This plan requires a large amount time and […]

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MassDEP’s deadlines for single-walled USTs requirement upcoming – Regulation 310CMR 80.15

MassDEP’s UST regulation (310 CMR 80.15) requires that all single-walled steel tanks must be removed or permanently closed-in-place by August 7, 2017. This requirement was carried over from the DFS regulation at 527 CMR 9.05(G)(10), and has been in effect since March 21, 2008. MassDEP’s UST Regulation allows tanks to be permanently closed-in-place only if […]

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) – Dye Penetration Inspection (DPI) example

Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) also called as Liquid Penetrant Inspection is an efficient, economical and widely used non destructive test method to detect surface-breaking discontinuities in all non-porous materials. Penetrant test is based upon the principles of capillary action where  liquid penetrates into a cavity, and is performed by cleaning the test surface thoroughly, applying […]

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