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About TTI ENvironmentalA leading environmental company, TTI Environmental, Inc. has serviced business, industry and government, nationwide since 1985. As a multi-disciplined organization, TTI offers comprehensive capabilities that support clients’ projects and programs, including consulting, contracting, management, compliance and security. TTI also provides 24-hour emergency response services.

Verified by the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), TTI is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and provides services to Federal agencies. TTI benefits prime contractors by helping them meet their requirements for contracting with small business on Federal and State contracts.

TTI is headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, with offices and warehouse space in a 15,000 sq ft building. Being situated on a 5 acre property allows staging for company vehicles and equipment for field activities and for future growth. In response to a national need for reducing pollution and greenhouse gases, TTI installed a state of the art solar system; thereby utilize a renewable energy source and alleviating pressure of an aging electrical distribution grid.

TTI maintains large bonding capacity and comprehensive general liability coverage including Professional/Pollution Insurance.

INTEGRITY of Staff and Process

Our expert environmental professionals have worked to build trusted, sustainable relationships with thousands of clients and contribute innovating thinking and technical insight towards all projects. TTI has a qualified staff of engineers, scientists and specialists, holding over 50 licenses and certifications relevant to the environmental field. TTI’s strength and longevity is demonstrated by the majority of staff who has been with the company over 20 years. Staff expertise is enhanced by routine attendance in continuing education, health and safety programs and participation in various and diverse professional organizations.

We actively pursue diversity in our workforce, the services we provide and the markets we serve. In solving technical challenges we encourage new perspective and creative approaches and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes. With a pledge of strict ethical practice, we uphold our reputation for professionalism and integrity in the marketplace.

DEDICATION to Service and Safety

We strive to achieve excellence in all of the technical, operational and administrative areas of our business, in support of our commitment to provide high quality service. Our understanding of regulatory issues and industry complexities along with decades of experience allows us to collectively evaluate projects clearly and apply effective solutions.

Safety is a priority and continuous improvement process at TTI. In addition to eliminating risk and preventing injuries, safety also means keeping a healthy workplace and a commitment to protect and preserve facilities, property, equipment and the environment. TTI Health & Safety Policy includes a comprehensive written Health & Safety Program as well as rigorous H&S trainings and on-going development of safety management procedures.

RESULTS with Value and Assurance

TTI provides its clients with remedial solutions which integrate the various aspects of a project and are well-documented, practical, cost effective and acceptable to regulatory agencies and the public. We stay educated on environmental regulations and understand the need for change, flexibility and adaptation in a rapidly evolving world.

Decades of “hands on” experience enables us to provide clients with the most suitable, efficient remediation plan and objectively oversee its implementation. Through inventive processes and unique solutions, TTI provides unmatched value to customers helping clients to meet and exceed compliance standards and to better position themselves for tomorrow’s markets.

COMMITMENT to Sustainability

Responsibly managing company operations is part of TTI’s dedication to environmental sustainability. A commitment to responsible environmental conservancy extends throughout TTI as we continually work to reduce energy consumption, paper use and waste output. In 2010, TTI Environmental installed a 50 kilowatt solar system on their office building as part of a green initiative. TTI became the first commercial property in Moorestown, NJ, to utilize solar energy.

  • The solar array accounts for 85% of TTI's total in-house electricity use.
  • TTI's 50 kilowatt solar power system has a positive impact on air emissions, including green house gases. Over the life of the system, the electricity generated will displace approximately 900 tons of carbon dioxide lessening the company’s impact on global warming, and eliminate approximately 9,000 lbs of sulfur dioxide, which is the main cause of acid rain, and approximately 2,500 lbs of nitrogen oxide, which is the major contributor to smog1.
  • TTI’s decision to install the solar power system not only made sense for the environment, but has a considerable positive business impact in lowering operating costs. Going solar is a preemptive business measure, as electricity costs have gone up for the last 30 years on average of 6.5 % every year. TTI believes that being a resourceful and profitable business goes “hand in hand” with responsible environmental stewardship.



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